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I can always bring any of my For Sale rabbits to a show
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you like:
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St Helens, Oregon "Frozen Friends" Double Show January 16, 2015
French Lops:
Atlantis SSB
Shadowland SSB
Chinook BSD
Eclectic Garden SSD
Autumn Harvest SID

English Lops:
Trinidad BSB
Jordan BJD

Mini Lops:
War Horse BSB
Santo Domingo BSB
Other shows we plan to attend:

"Crazy 8" Canby OR Double Show May 16, 2015
Portland OR Double Show May 23, 2015
Astoria OR Double Show June 13, 2015

ARBA National Convention in Portland OR! October 31-November 4, 2015

The breeds I raise:
English Lops
French Lops
Mini Lops
New Zealands

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